Angeleyes - featured on Netflix's “The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals”!

March 9, 2023

Angeleyes luxury power yacht available in the BVI was featured in Netflix's show The World's most amazing vacation rentals

Have you ever dreamt of staying in an exclusive luxury villa? What if you could, but from the water? That's exactly what Angeleyes offers—a complete luxury experience while waking up in a new destination every day. Keep reading to see why Angeleyes was featured on Netflix's “The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals”!

Angeleyes is the ideal choice for an unforgettable yacht vacation, providing unparalleled luxury and comfort. From a spacious deck to amenities like a Jacuzzi and VIP suites, you’ll enjoy a unique getaway that can’t be found elsewhere. With additional features such as a full wet bar, plush seating and exquisite staterooms, Angeleyes is the perfect yacht for travelers looking to experience the high life. A dedicated staff available for all needs ensures that everyone will be able to relax and enjoy their charter vacation without worries. With 20 years of experience at the helm, you can sleep easy knowing that you're in good hands with Captain Darrel and First Mate Remi. Ask Stewardess Jenny for one of her specialty cocktails, but don't forget to leave room for Chef Jenn's classic gourmet menu with a twist.

Booking a vacation on Angeleyes allows you to escape traditional vacation destinations while exploring the open ocean at your own pace. With plenty of outdoor deck space that is perfect for sunbathing, barbecuing or just taking in the breathtaking views, guests can enjoy the ultimate yacht experience for entertaining or relaxing. Angeleyes also comes with a host of recreational activities, including kayaking, paddle boards, and a wakeboard, in addition to a plethora of other water toys. 

Designed for maximum comfort and convenience, Angeleyes's spacious interior is boasts generous seating areas, a modern galley and an impressive array of entertainment options. From the master cabin, with its king bed and luxury ensuite to the walk-in wardrobe and large saloon, every feature has been considered down to the last detail. With a range of on-board amenities, including a gym, sauna, and Jacuzzi, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

From spa treatments to watersports and access to private islands, Angeleyes is the ultimate charter yacht. Coupling an exceptional crew with more volume than many 100 footers, Angeleyes is the perfect choice for guests looking to experience the most fun and luxury possible on a Caribbean charter!

Please contact us for updated availability and pricing.

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Le Reve - featured in Netflix's "Outer Banks"

March 1, 2023

Yacht charter around the Virgin Islands aboard Le Reve.

If you’ve binge-watched Netflix’s Outerbanks as we have, then you’re probably already familiar with the sailing yacht Le Reve. Featured in Season 3, which dropped Feb. 23rd, Le Reve is the epitome of luxury on the water. 

This fully crewed 62-foot catamaran boasts everything guests could need for a yacht charter around the Virgin Islands. They even offer New England yacht charters in the summer. 

With 2 queen cabins complimenting a master queen suite, the yacht can comfortably accommodate 6 guests. Leave the little ones at home for this adventure (minimum age requirement of 14) and treat your teens to the vacation of a lifetime with automatic bragging rights for sailing aboard the soon-to-be viral Le Reve. The yacht is equipped with an impressive lineup of sports equipment to maximize all water activities, including wakeboards, waterskis, and of course, scuba gear. For those who prefer a slower pace, snorkeling and floating mats are also available, in addition to many other toys.

Enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail on the massive sun deck before feasting indoors or al fresco on one of Chef Sandy’s gourmet meals. Capture breathtaking footage of your vacation that you can replay for years to come from Captain Dirk’s Mavic Pro drone. The crew of Le Reve are  owner-operators, which is unique for such a large yacht. So if you have ever dreamed of buying a yacht and putting it into a charter, book a trip with this highly knowledgeable crew and get some insight on all angles of the business. Dirk and Sandy, bring over 25 years of yachting experience to provide the ultimate charter vacation for their guests. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what others have to say below:

“The food, the dive spots, the fish tank, the new Le Rêve made for our own Heaven on Earth! We had a FANTASTIC time yet again! Can’t wait til next year!” - Jerry, Lisa, Juno, Sophie, Sammy Grace, Emma

“Our trip was beyond words. The Le Rêve is an incredible vessel and [Dirk and Sandy’s] hospitality made our experience memorable with amazing meals, excursions and [their] attention to every detail.” - Kelly and Denise

“Le Rêve is remarkable in her comfort and performance – clearly [Dirk and Sandy] are proud, but worthy owners and stewards of the ship.” - Greg

Don’t sleep on booking your Le Reve charter, or she might end up being only a dream!

Please contact us for updated availability and pricing. 

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5 Amazing Party Islands in the Mediterranean

December 9, 2022

Feeling the urge to party? The Mediterranean is home to many party islands where you can drink and dance the night away. Here are five to check out.

The Med is famous for its tranquil cerulean seas, but that's not all. It's also famous for its abundance of party islands, which makes it a beloved destination for partygoers around the globe. Here are five amazing party islands in the Mediterranean that anyone who wants to have a ball needs to visit.

Ibiza, Spain

Off the coast of Spain is the reputed Ibiza, known as one of the wildest party destinations not just in the Med but in the world. Ibiza has a 24-hour party culture, and you can find clubs and beach parties raging on at all times of the day. Ibiza is split into three main clubbing areas—Playa d'en Bossa, known for its super-clubs, San Antonio, home to a lively town center and numerous smaller bars and clubs, and the capital of Ibiza, which has a diverse international club scene.

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is the most well-known of Croatia's many islands, and for good reason: it's party central! From June to September, Hvar comes to life. Jam out to acclaimed international DJs and sip cocktails on its pebbly and popular beaches. The Carpe Diem club and beach are arguably the most favored clubbing havens in this cool coastal town, but you can find other places to party on every street.

Mykonos, Greece

Cool, breezy winds, charming Cycladic architecture, and crystalline beaches sparkling offshore. At first glance, Mykonos looks like a beautiful, quiet town, perfect for rest and relaxation. But at night, this inconspicuous island turns into a party lover's paradise. All day and all night through summer, you can live it up on Mykonos. Relax—or dance—on the sands of beaches like Paradise Beach, stop by bars like the Belvidere Hotel for a drink, or enjoy live music at clubs like Scorpios.

Saint Tropez, France

Another amazing party island in the Mediterranean is Saint Tropez in France. Once a quaint French fishing village, Saint Tropez has transformed into a glamorous party town known for its bars, beaches, clubs, and yacht parties. It's also known for the celebrities who frequent it, like Beyonce and Rihanna! Whether you want to snag an autograph or party it up on sea or on land, Saint Tropez has countless options available to you.

Ischia, Italy

Ischia, Italy, has an exciting club scene. Party season runs from April to November, and during this time, you’ll find lots to do. Whether you want to visit the bars and clubs for drinks and finger foods or enjoy live music, dance, and folklore acts on the streets or in local pubs, there are activities to suit every partier’s taste. Some popular clubs include Discoteca Blu Jane, Valentino, and the Alchemie-Friends Club in Ischia Porto.

At Seize the Day Charters, we can help you plan the ultimate party vacation. Speak with one of our brokers today to book a Greece luxury yacht tour so you can relax and live it up on the beautiful, vibrant coast of Mykonos.

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5 Reasons To Honeymoon on a Yacht Charter

December 9, 2022

Not sure what to do for your upcoming honeymoon? Here are five reasons you should consider chartering a yacht for your post-nuptial vacation.

Months of planning for the big day can tire newlyweds out, so after the nuptials, they embark on a relaxing honeymoon to de-stress and spend time with one another worry-free. You and your partner have several options for your honeymoon. You can stay in a charming historic hotel in Europe or in a cozy cabin in the mountains. Or you could stay on a yacht and float through the sparkling blue sea. Does the latter sound more appealing to you? Here are five reasons to honeymoon on a yacht charter rather than on land.

The Professional Crew

Does the thought of navigating the big, open sea seem daunting? No worries. You won’t be the one doing the sailing. A fully trained, professional staff operates every yacht, including an experienced captain who knows the area like the back of their hand and can get you where you want to go safely.

The Privacy

Compared to a resort, yachts offer more privacy. You and your partner won’t be completely alone; after all, you have to share the yacht with the crew. If you want to chat with the crew, they’ll be happy to oblige; but if you’d prefer they give you and your partner some alone time, they’re experts at being discreet.

The Freedom

Another reason to honeymoon on a yacht charter is the freedom it provides. When you stay at a hotel, you’re more or less landlocked in that area unless you want to take a packed train or ferry somewhere else. But when you honeymoon on a yacht, you can visit multiple locations freely. Spend all day on the yacht or disembark and go and explore the shores. Want to hop from island to island? Your captain will be happy to accommodate you.

Lots To See and Do

Want to spend your time lounging on the deck and sunbathing? Snorkeling through vibrant coral reefs? Dining at the best local restaurants? Strolling hand and hand down romantic cobblestone streets? On a yacht charter honeymoon, you can do all of the above. Each destination will have its own unique attractions for you to visit and various activities to take part in.

The Lap of Luxury

What’s more luxurious than a private yacht just for you and your partner? Yachts have all the comforts of home plus more. You’ll have your own room that rivals the rooms of grand hotels, plus access to various cabins and the deck. And because most yachts are air-conditioned and heated, you won’t have to worry about sweltering summer or freezing winter weather putting a damper on your honeymoon.

Soon-to-be-married and planning a yacht charter honeymoon? Congratulations! At Seize the Day Charters, we know how stressful the months leading up to the big day can be. That’s why we aim to make planning your honeymoon easier. Our talented brokers can help you find the British Virgin Islands boat charter of your dreams. Contact us to tell us about you and your partner’s ideal vacation, and we’ll help bring it to life.

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5 Beautiful Snorkeling Spots in the US Virgin Islands

December 9, 2022

The US Virgin Islands are fantastic locations for snorkeling enthusiasts. Here are five of the most convenient and beautiful snorkel trails to visit.

When visiting a coastal destination, don’t just explore the land—dive in and explore the wonders of the sea! All three of the US Virgin Islands—St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John—have tepid blue waters full of interesting marine plants and animals. These waters are ideal for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Below, we list the top five most beautiful snorkeling spots in the US Virgin Islands that you need to visit.

Coki Point Beach (St. Thomas)

In the northeast portion of St. Thomas is Coki Point Beach, a family-friendly beach and snorkeling destination. The beach has amenities like rentable beach chairs and parasols, bathrooms, and food vendors. Plus, the water is easy to enter and navigate.

Though the area is small, there’s plenty to see there, including remoras, parrotfish, blue tang, and squid.

Buck Island (St. Croix)

Another one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in the US Virgin Islands is Buck Island. The Buck Island Reef National Monument is a small island encircled by an elkhorn coral barrier reef. Aside from the corals, you can also see needlefish, eagle rays, and green and hawksbill sea turtles here. The snorkel trail is marked for convenience and covers over 700 acres of biodiverse water.

Cane Bay (St. Croix)

Cane Bay is famous for the Cane Bay Wall, a 13,200-feet-deep reef that’s a popular dive area. But don’t worry; you won’t need to descend thousands of feet beneath the salty waters to meet incredible sea creatures like reef octopi and red lobsters, which live closer to the surface. This location boasts a nearby scuba shop, where you can purchase or rent your gear and have professionals answer any questions you have about snorkeling.

Watermelon Cay (St. John)

If you want to see sea turtles, you can find them at Watermelon Cay in St. John. To reach the cay, park your car near the Annaberg Ruins and hike a mile across the flat terrain until you reach the sand and ocean. Beneath the waves is a treasure trove of reefs and seagrass. Due to the seagrass, you will find green sea turtles, parrotfish, crabs, and other plant-loving marine life.

Princess Bay (St. John)

On the east end of St. John, you’ll discover Princess Bay, a preserved bay that’s part of the Coral Reef National Monument. In the warm, shallow water is a massive mangrove nursery that protects the underwater life, such as the vibrant corals, droves of small fish, starfish, and conch. Because the water is shallow, this is an ideal location for those new to snorkeling.

If you want to visit the US Virgin Islands during snorkeling season, Seize the Day Charters can get you there. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our experienced brokers, who can help you find a luxurious US Virgin Islands boat charter that suits your budget and needs.

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10 Places To Visit in Croatia’s Famous Hvar Island

December 9, 2022

Hvar Island is one of Croatia’s most popular hotspots. Here are ten of the best attractions to visit when you travel to this lively, modern isle.

Hvar is the most popular of all Croatia’s islands. While primarily known for the luxurious Hvar Town port, Hvar has numerous other attractions to visit, ranging from towering peaks to relaxing beaches to ancient architecture. Here are 10 can’t-miss places to visit in Croatia’s famous Hvar Island the next time you stop by.

Pay a Visit to the Cathedral of St. Stephen

The Cathedral of St. Stephen is a structure built during the Dalmatian Renaissance in the 16th and 17th centuries. It’s smack dab in main square of Hvar, so you can stop to visit in the middle of a shopping or sightseeing spree. The cathedral is famous for its bell tower, finely carved exterior, and interior art exhibit featuring paintings from ancient artists like Giacomo Palma il Giovane and Stefano Celesti.

Soak Up the Sun on Dubovica Beach

Located less than five miles from Hvar Town, Dubovica Beach is a quiet, secluded paradise. This tidy, pebbly beach is surrounded by a pine- and olive-tree grove and clear turquoise waters. You need to climb down a steep hill to reach it, but the effort is well worth it. Sunbathe on the shore or dive into the waters. And if you’re feeling peckish, there’s a small pizza restaurant right on the beach where you can enjoy some tasty pies and drinks.

Stop by Beautiful Jelsa

On the north coast of Hvar is Jelsa, a small town with stores, restaurants, cafés, and lush, vibrant parks to visit. After stopping for some coffee and a snack, why not head over to the Perivoj public garden to smell the acacias and oleanders or the neolithic Grapčeva cave for some spelunking?

Take a Day Trip to the Pakleni Islands

Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Hvar Town? Another can’t-miss place to visit in Croatia’s famous Hvar Island is the nearby Pakleni islands. This 16-island archipelago is just off the coast of Hvar Town, and you can sail there in under half an hour. The Pakleni islands are home to numerous beaches, including the popular Mlini Beach, which is popular for its prime snorkeling spots and sparkling waters.

Climb to the Peak of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas is a steep mountain peak named after the patron saint of passengers and sailors. It’s the tallest point of Hvar and the third tallest island mountain in all of Croatia, measuring 628 meters high. It takes roughly two hours to reach the peak, but the hike up isn’t too strenuous. There are three well-defined trails that start in the towns of Dol, Svirče, and Sveta Nedjelja. Once you reach the top, you can rest at the small chapel, check out the massive stone cross statue, or admire the breathtaking views of Hvar and the Adriatic Sea below.

Party the Night Away Near Bonj Beach

One thing Hvar is known for is its nightlife. If you want to party hard, head along Hvar Town’s western coast to the lively Bonj Beach, lined with clubs and bars. In the summer, massive parties take place on the beach itself. International DJs come to show off their world-class beats, and you can sip cocktails and dance the night away on the pebbly shore.

Go Back in Time to Stari Grad

Stari Grad, which means “Old Town,” is one of the oldest towns in all of Europe. Neolithic tribes initially settled in the area around 3500 to 2500 BC, but the town itself wasn’t officially founded until 384 BC when the ancient Greeks built it up and called it “Faros.” From this point, the town passed hands numerous times. It wasn’t until the 8th century that the Slavs changed its name to “Hvar,” and not until 1278 that the new Hvar Town was built, and the old Hvar Town was renamed Stari Grad.

As a result of its long history, Stari Grad has a lot of classic charm. It’s a quaint, quiet town, a stark contrast to the bustling new Hvar Town. You can visit various castles and UNESCO monuments, like the Stari Grad Plain, or shop and eat at the stores and restaurants lining its paths.

Admire Art at the Franciscan Monastery

This quaint, 15th-century monastery is close to the center of Hvar town and overlooks a cove of the Adriatic Sea. What makes this monastery one of a kind is that it’s still fully functional, with a dedicated monk still caring for its grounds. Inside the monastery, you’ll find an impressive collection of ancient art, maps, and coins from the Greek and Roman empires, including an eight-meter-wide copy of the Last Supper by Da Vinci. The monastery also features an elevated garden, home to a 300-year-old cypress tree, and a front yard beach where you can swim, sunbathe, and boat.

March Through the Medieval Hvar Fortress

The Tvrdava Fortica (Hvar Fort) is an ancient 13th-century fort that looms above Hvar Town. The Illyrians originally built it to boost the port town’s defenses, but today, it’s a scenic attraction for travelers. The fort is a few minutes from the Harbour of Hvar, and you can reach there via foot or car. Upon entering the old castle, you’ll weave through a maze of halls and museum-like display rooms to reach the top. Once you’re at the top, a grandiose view awaits you! You can see Hvar Town, the harbour, the Pakleni islands, and even the nearby island of Vis from this vantage point.

Patronize the Oldest Public Theatre in Europe

Hvar Theatre, built in 1612, was the first public theatre in Europe. Prior to this time period, theatres were private, and only the members of the elite class who helped fund the productions could attend. But the Hvar Theatre was open to all classes, so anyone in the town could come for entertainment. While the theatre no longer puts on performances, you can tour the pristinely kept historical interior.

Itching to explore all that Croatia has to offer? Seize the Day Charters can help you set up a yacht charter trip to remember. Our experienced brokers can help you find the best

Croatia luxury yacht charters around so that you can chill in the Adriatic in comfort and style. Contact us today to plan your next trip to Hvar!

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10 Tips for a Fun Yacht Charter Vacation With Kids

December 9, 2022

When going on a yacht charter vacation with kids, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips for ensuring your trip is stress-free and fun.

A yacht charter vacation is a fantastic way to relax and bond with your family. But if you plan to travel with kids, you'll need to do a bit of extra planning to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Using these tips for going on a yacht charter vacation with kids, you can plan a trip that progresses smoothly and is fun for all.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Destination

When it comes to yacht charter destinations, your options are practically endless! If you're not sure where to go, here are a few popular kid-friendly places we recommend.

The US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is one of the most kid-friendly yacht charter locations around. Go on a Mermaid Swim wearing sparkly tails, meet seals and other sea life at a marine park, go zip-lining through St. Thomas, and much more!


This boot-shaped Mediterranean country has food, wine, and beautiful scenery that parents will love. But it's also home to numerous museums, theme parks, and beaches where kids can play the day away.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean features numerous islands, some better suited for adults, others better suited for kids. We recommend islands like Jamaica, which has a family-centered culture and lots of personality, and the Cayman Islands, famous for its beaches and turtle farms where kids can interact with the friendly green sea creatures.


Like Italy, Greece is known for its good food and breathtaking views. But what will interest kids the most is its intricate history! Greek folklore is full of gods and goddesses and action-packed tales. You can take your little ones to visit the temple of the great lightning God Zeus or the Panathenaic Stadium, where the Olympics were once held after being founded by the ancient hero (and popular Disney character) Hercules.

Include Kids in the Planning Phase

If your child is old enough to talk, try to include them in the planning of your trip whenever possible. For example, if you're split between visiting Italy or the Bahamas, let them have input on which they'd prefer. Not sure if you should visit an onshore museum or zoo on Day 2? What does your child think? Including your child in the planning phase will make them feel like they're being responsible and helping out. It will also make them more excited for the trip, since they'll have a clearer picture of the fun journey that awaits!

Pack Plenty

Many travelers overpack for their yacht vacation. But when traveling with kids, this may not be a bad thing! Kids tend to be messier, clumsier, and more prone to losing things than adults. And if your child spills a drink on their shirt or takes a tumble into the dirt, you'll need extra apparel for them to change into. We recommend bringing more than you think you need for items like clothes and pacifiers, which are easy to misplace or get dirty.

Follow the Rules

Another tip for going on a yacht charter vacation with kids is to follow the rules outlined by the crew and make sure your kids follow them, too. Here are a few common rules you may hear:

  • Wear a life vest on deck.
  • Never run on the boat.
  • Head inside during bad weather.
  • Never go swimming alone.
  • No kids on the foredeck alone.

Before you board, sit down with your child and tell them about the rules in a simple and easy-to-grasp way. Make sure to explain why they need to follow the rules rather than plainly telling them, "Don't do this." For example, you can say something like, "Please don't run on the boat, or you could fall and get hurt!” When kids understand the result of an action, they're less likely to do it.

Wear Sunscreen and Lifejackets

Traveling on the water is tons of fun, but the sun and sea can pose a risk to your child without the proper precautions! Your child should wear sunscreen whenever they're outside, even if it's cloudy or rainy, as UV rays can still sneak past overcast clouds. They should also wear a life vest when on the deck or in the water. With sunscreen, a life vest, and parental supervision, you can keep your child safe during your yacht trip.

Look for a Yacht With Kid-Friendly Safety Features

Some yachts are more child-friendly than others. You may want to look for a yacht with features like netting and gates to prevent your kids from freely wandering or falling, kid-friendly entertainment like water toys, and smaller beds.

Plan Ahead for Childcare

You love your kids, and you love to spend time with them! But occasionally, you could use a little alone time to relax and unwind. You may want to visit a fancy restaurant, take a romantic stroll, or visit a club with just you and your partner. But you can't leave your little ones alone when doing this. And while some crew members may be happy to watch your kids for you, they aren't being paid to babysit—and shouldn't be expected to. 

For this reason, you should plan your childcare ahead of time. If you're traveling with other family members, you can ask them to watch your kids for you while you're out and about. Alternatively, you can hire a nanny to oversee your kids during the trip.

Play on the Yacht

There are plenty of ways to have fun on a yacht. Many yachts will have games on board for you to play, and you can bring games and toys from home as well. Some yachts also have TV, allowing you to host a family movie night. And if you have music to play, why not have a dance-off or do karaoke?

Splash in the Water

While on a yacht, you'll be surrounded by water. Admiring the waves is one way to pass the time, but you can also hop in and splash around! There are numerous activities you and your kids can try in and on the water, like swimming, snorkeling, and water skiing. Many yachts will provide basic gear, but you can also rent items like skis and boards for a small fee.

Explore the Shore

Of course, you can also leave the yacht and visit the nearby coastal towns and cities. Visit museums to learn the local history, restaurants to taste traditional cuisine, or famous monuments for photo ops.

Start planning your next family vacation by reaching out Seize the Day Charters. Our brokers can help you find a private yacht charter in popular locations like France, Greece, Italy, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and more. We'll work with you to find a charter that best suits your needs and your budget!

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December 7, 2022

2022 British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Show competition winners

Seaclusion - winner of the best yacht in show

Best Yacht in Show

Winner: Seaclusion

Runner Up: Amaya

Best Appetizer

Winner: Mystic Soul

Runner Up: Seaclusion

Best Lunch

Winner: Mystic Soul

Runner Up: Ebb & Flow

Best Dessert

Winner: Ebb & Flow

Runner Up: YOLO

Best Cocktail:

Winner: Mystic Soul

Runner Up: Port to Vino

Third place: YOLO

Want to plan a trip to the British Virgin Islands? Contact Us or learn more about BVI Charters.

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November 23, 2022

USVI charter yacht show competition winners 2022

Photo: Yachts on display at the 2022 USVI Charter Yacht Show at IGY Marina’s Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas. Credit: Mango Media.

Best Yacht in Show – 50’ & Under
Winner: Ether, Crew: Richard and Dominique Vincent
Runner Up: Oceana, Crew: Umberto Genovese and Judith van de Nieuwendijk

Best Yacht in Show – 51’-60’
Winner: Altesse, Crew: Kennon Jones and Stephanie Johnson
Runner-Up: Liquid Zen, Crew: Michael Wilson and Casey Strickland

Best Yacht in Show – 61’ & Over
Winner: Seaclusion, Crew: Ricky Moss, Jessica Muller, Jacob Telford, and Lyndsay Vos
Runner-Up: Aeolus, Crew: Mayon Hight, Elizabeth Bork, and Sam Middeke

Best Crew in Show
Winner: Robbie Sargeant, Sofia Ribeiro, and Dean Cumberbach, Boat: C’est La Vie
Runner-Up: Austen Anderson and Philomena Anderson, Boat: Vicarious
Honorable Mention: Casey Laaro and Angela Wilt, Boat: Pelican

Cocktail Mixologist Competition – Grey Goose Vodka – 2022
Winner: Maya Walsh, Nae Kae

Cocktail Mixologist Competition Captain Morgan Rum – 2022
Winner: Ryan Querry, Justified Horizons

Culinary Competition – 2022
1st Place: Chef Neen Reynolds, Ocean Vibes
2nd Place: Chef Renata Himiona, Libra
3rd Place: Chef Cara Whiteman, Koru

Want to plan a trip to the USVI? Contact Us or learn more about USVI Charters.

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Capo d'Orlando - The volcanic path

November 21, 2022

7 day and 14 day sailing itinerary from Palermo and Capo D'Orlando


Capo d'Orlando in southern Italy is a "sailing path" leading to the volcanic Aeolian islands and the captivating coastline of Sicily. You can easily find our base at the marina of Capo d'Orlando.

The history of Sicily is rich and varied, it consists mostly of successive waves of invaders (the Greeks that founded Syracuse in 734 BC, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans, and the Spaniards) occupying the island and leaving cultural influences which have blended in often fascinating ways, such as the unique Arabic-Norman architecture of the Middle Ages.

 Sicily is well known for its unique natural beauty, Etna’s volcano, and its very imposing coasts, islands, and islets. Palermo is the capital of the Italian island of Sicily. The 12th-century Palermo Cathedral houses royal tombs, while the huge neoclassical Teatro Massimo is known for opera performances. Also in the center are the Palazzo dei Normanni, a royal palace started in the 9th century, and the Cappella Palatina, with Byzantine mosaics. Busy markets include the central Ballarò street market and the Vucciria, near the port.

Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, and Vulcano will be in front of you, after a few nautical miles.

As soon as you will have hoisted your main sail up and opened your genoa, you will be able to sight the red and black rocks with the green Indian figs of Alicudi, the bushes of brooms, and the so-called “Cave of the Marine-Ox of Filicudi, the typical fumes of sulfur of Vulcano, the wild promontories of Salina and the white beaches of Lipari; sailing a little bit more, then, you will see the so-called “Faraglioni” and the typical low-houses of Panarea and the infernal spectacle of the slopes of Stromboli standing out in front of you.

On the contrary, if you will decide to sail along the coast, going on the east side, you can penetrate into the numerous bays of incomparable beauty that you find between Capo d’Orlando and Messina, having a look from the sea to the stately Sanctuary of the Madonna of Tindari. You can moor in the near harbors of Capo d’Orlando, Porto Rosa, Milazzo or Messina, or you can continue further than the strait of Messina to visit the wonderful Taormina or to organize an unforgettable trip on the Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. Still, you can also decide to direct your boat straight to the Tyrrhenian coasts of South Calabria.

Our second base in Sicily is located in Marsala, a picturesque town, founded by the Carthaginians but took the name from the Arabs (Marsal-Allah, harbor of God), well known for the popular wine.

Marsala, it’s a pleasant relaxed place from where you can sail North West for visiting a range of 25 miles of the Egadi Islands which are three principal islands, Favignana, Marettimo, and Levanzo, or sail South for visiting Pantelleria, an island of volcanic origin, and the barren rocky island of Lampedusa that has recently become popular for the good underwater fishing around the coast.

Marsala is also ideal as a starting point to Malta (120 miles) and Tunisia. You may also start your sailing journey from Capo d'Orlando where our 3rd base is located.

  Suggested 7 days itineraries from Sicily                                                                         

Departure : Base of PALERMO

Total distance : 195 nautical miles approximately

 1st  day: Embarkation 17:00

2nd day:  Palermo – Cefalù (33 n.m.)

3rd  day:  Cefalù – Vulcano (50 n.m.)

4th  day:Vulcano – Lipari - Panarea(16 n.m.)

5th  day:Panarea – Salina (12 n.m.)

6th  day:Salina – Filicudi (15 n.m.)

7th  day:Filicudi – Palermo (62 n.m)

8th  day:Disembarkation 09:00

Departure : Base of CAPO D'ORLANDO

Total distance : 102 nautical miles approximately

 1st  day:  Embarkation 17:00

2nd day:  Capo D'Orlando - Vulcano19 n.m.)

3rd  day:Vulcano - Panarea15 n.m.)

4th  day:Panarea - Stromboli13 n.m.)

5th  day:  Stromboli - Salina (24 n.m.)

6th  day:Salina - Lipari9 n.m.)

7th  day:  Lipari - Capo D'Orlando (22 n.m.)

8th  day:  Disembarkation 09:00


 Suggested 14 days itineraries from Sicily

Departure : Base of PALERMO

Total distance : 238 nautical miles approximately

   1st day:  Embarkation 17:00

 2nd day:  Palermo – Cefalù (32 n.m.)

  3rd day:  Cefalù – Vulcano (50 n.m.)

  4th day:  Vulcano – Panarea (15 n.m.)

  5th day:  Panarea (visit of Island)

  6th day:  Panarea – Stromboli (13 n.m.)

  7th day:  Stromboli – Lipari (25 n.m.)

 8th day:  Lipari – Salina  (9 n.m.)

  9th day:  Salina (visit of Island)

10th day:  Salina – Filicudi (15 n.m.)

11th  day:  Filicudi – Alicudi (13 n.m.)

12th day:  Alicudi– Cefalù  (34 n.m)

13th day:  Cefalù (visit of Town)

14th day:  Cefalù – Palermo  (32 n.m.)

15th day:  Disembarkation 09:00


Departure : Base of CAPO D'ORLANDO

Total distance : 275 nautical miles approximately

   1st day:  Embarkation 17:00

 2nd day:  Capo D'Orlando - Vulcano  (19 n.m.)

  3rd day:  Vulcano -Alicudi (29 n.m.)

  4th day:  Alicudi - Filicudi (13 n.m.)

 5th day: Filicudi - Salina (15 n.m.)

  6th day:  Salina - Stromboli (24 n.m.)

  7th day:  Stromboli - Panarea (13 n.m.)

  8th day:  Panarea (visit of Island)

  9th day:  Panarea - Lipari (12 n.m.)

10th day:  Lipari (visit of Island)

11th  day:  Lipari - Giardini Naxos  (68 n.m.)

12th day:  Taormina (visit of Town)

13th day:  Giardini Naxos - Milazzo (54 n.m.)

14th day:  Milazzo - Capo D'Orlando (28 n.m.)

15th day:  Disembarkation 09:00

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