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Florida Yacht Charter

Enjoy the benefits of perennial summer with Florida yacht charters today. The tropical paradise offers a wide selection of things to do and scenery to admire.



Known for its beach resorts, attractions like Walt Disney World, sunny climate, and recreational water activities, the state of Florida is one of the best places to go in the United States if you are looking for a little bit of fun in the sun. Our Florida yacht charters allow you to experience all the waters have to offer.

Florida has the perfect balance between tropical beauty and vibrant city life. Miami’s Latin-American influences pair perfectly with its sub-tropical climate, beautiful pristine beaches, and exciting nightlife. It is the city that never sleeps. The perfect place to party all night, eat at award-winning restaurants and enjoy lazy afternoons basking in the hot sun. Then there is the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale, where visitors can explore waterways and canals on Gondola rides before heading on over to its world-famous beaches. And if you want to escape it all, then head on over to the Florida Key, a coral cay archipelago located just off the southern coast of Florida. Florida boat charters let you sail the beautiful waters at your own pace. One of the main draws of the Keys is that it is designated as a National Marine Sanctuary and is surrounded by the only living coral barrier reef in the United States, thus making it the perfect place to scuba dive, sportfish or snorkel. No matter what type of adventure you are looking for, our Florida catamaran charters have you covered.

Fast Facts About 


  • The Keys are known for sportfishing, boating, scuba diving, and seafood. Islamorada is known as the sportfishing capital of the world. 
  • Approximately 1,700 islands make up the Florida Keys
  • The Florida Keys are closer to Cuba than mainland Florida
  • When in Miami, make sure to try the local cuisine, and don’t forget to try a Cuban coffee, which has a distinctive dark look and strong taste. 

Best time to visit 


The best time to visit Florida is during the shoulder season, either in the spring (March-May) or the autumn months (September-November). During these months, the weather is still pleasant, the days are long, and there are fewer crowds. The peak of hurricane season falls between August and October, so it’s best to avoid traveling to Florida during this time.

Chartering in 


Take advantage of everything that Florida offers, including the islands located in the Keys on a yacht charter. Florida is the perfect yacht destination, as it allows visitors to enjoy an ideal blend between exciting city life and low-key beach life. This mix of city and island means that yachters can experience several different itineraries, discovering cities paired with days spent exploring hidden beaches. Florida is also home to the only living coral reef in North America, making it a unique destination for individuals wanting to go island-hopping, snorkeling, or scuba diving to explore the abundant undersea wildlife that the Keys have to offer. 

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If you want to learn more about Spain, we recommend that you look at Visit Florida, the official tourism website for the region, for more information about what to do and up-to-date details on COVID-19 entry requirements.

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