Leeward Islands / St. Martin

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Leeward Islands / St. Martin

The Leeward Islands:

The West Indian Leeward islands can be found in the northeastern Caribbean Sea and consist of several smaller islands, including St Martin, St. Barts, Antigua, St. Kitts, and Barbuda. Historically these islands were the first in the Caribbean to fall under Spanish control. However, their rule was quickly contested, resulting in a history of British, French, Dutch, and Spanish colonialism in the region that left its mark on each island. But today, you can explore what the islands have to offer with St. Martin yacht charters.

St Martin is divided between two separate countries. It has a northern French side called Saint-Martin and a southern Dutch side that is called Sint Maarten. The island is famous for secluded coves, beautiful beaches, and European-Caribbean fusion cuisine that tickles the palette. St. Barts is known for superyachts. First discovered by Christopher Colombus, it is a French-speaking Caribbean island that is a popular hang-out spot for the super-rich and famous. Anguilla is an English-speaking island with many offshore paradisiacal islets and uncrowded beaches that can only be reached by boat. Take in the natural beauty of the waters with St. Martin catamaran charters. Then there is Antigua, which has over 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. Barbuda is known for its pink sand beaches and protective reefs, our Antigua yacht charters are a must-experience. Then there is St. Kitts and Nevis, where visitors can eat authentic Caribbean food while lounging on pure-white sand beaches overlooking the gorgeous tropical forests and blue-green waters. Hop on a Leeward Island yacht charter for a chance to rest and relax on the tropical, serene waters. The Leeward Islands have culture, nature, beaches, food, and unforgettable landscapes that will make any vacation a unique experience.

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Fast Facts About 

Leeward Islands / St. Martin


  • Each island has its own unique culture and history and therefore provides a unique offering. The cluster of isles is under the United States, British, Dutch, and French flags.
  • St. Kitts was formed by volcanoes and is known as a sugar-cane island. 
  • Bats are the most common mammal in this region. 
  • The region has some of the most spectacular unspoiled reefs globally, great for avid scuba divers or snorkelers. 

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Leeward Islands / St. Martin


The Leeward Islands have a tropical climate, which means it is sunny and warm throughout the year. The summer months are hot and humid, while the winters are cool with minimal rainfall. The dry season starts in January and goes until June, and the wet season runs from June to November. There isn’t much difference between the dry and wet seasons, as this region doesn’t experience heavy rains. The islands lie on the edge of the hurricane zone, and from August to October, the islands are prone to hurricanes and cyclones with intense, often destructive, winds and high rainfall.

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Leeward Islands / St. Martin

The Leeward Islands are unique as many of the islands have still been left untouched by tourism. This means that the beaches have largely still been left untouched and are waiting to be explored by those who are curious enough to embark on an adventure. Time moves slower, granting visitors the ability to soak in the turquoise blue waters, lie on the snow-white beaches and explore the crystal clear waters. The constant trade winds, well-protected anchorages, and the tropical climate make it the perfect location to charter a yacht. 

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If you want to learn more about The Leeward Islands, we would recommend that you visit each of the official tourism websites for each island you’d like to visit for more information about what to do as well as up-to-date information about COVID-19 entry requirements.

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