5 Reasons To Honeymoon on a Yacht Charter

5 Reasons To Honeymoon on a Yacht Charter

Months of planning for the big day can tire newlyweds out, so after the nuptials, they embark on a relaxing honeymoon to de-stress and spend time with one another worry-free. You and your partner have several options for your honeymoon. You can stay in a charming historic hotel in Europe or in a cozy cabin in the mountains. Or you could stay on a yacht and float through the sparkling blue sea. Does the latter sound more appealing to you? Here are five reasons to honeymoon on a yacht charter rather than on land.

The Professional Crew

Does the thought of navigating the big, open sea seem daunting? No worries. You won’t be the one doing the sailing. A fully trained, professional staff operates every yacht, including an experienced captain who knows the area like the back of their hand and can get you where you want to go safely.

The Privacy

Compared to a resort, yachts offer more privacy. You and your partner won’t be completely alone; after all, you have to share the yacht with the crew. If you want to chat with the crew, they’ll be happy to oblige; but if you’d prefer they give you and your partner some alone time, they’re experts at being discreet.

The Freedom

Another reason to honeymoon on a yacht charter is the freedom it provides. When you stay at a hotel, you’re more or less landlocked in that area unless you want to take a packed train or ferry somewhere else. But when you honeymoon on a yacht, you can visit multiple locations freely. Spend all day on the yacht or disembark and go and explore the shores. Want to hop from island to island? Your captain will be happy to accommodate you.

Lots To See and Do

Want to spend your time lounging on the deck and sunbathing? Snorkeling through vibrant coral reefs? Dining at the best local restaurants? Strolling hand and hand down romantic cobblestone streets? On a yacht charter honeymoon, you can do all of the above. Each destination will have its own unique attractions for you to visit and various activities to take part in.

The Lap of Luxury

What’s more luxurious than a private yacht just for you and your partner? Yachts have all the comforts of home plus more. You’ll have your own room that rivals the rooms of grand hotels, plus access to various cabins and the deck. And because most yachts are air-conditioned and heated, you won’t have to worry about sweltering summer or freezing winter weather putting a damper on your honeymoon.

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